Comprehensive Instrument Repair & Piano Tuning

Keep making beautiful music when you work with me at Ragtime Piano Service in Tacoma, Washington. I offer a number of services, including instrument repair and piano tuning.


Over time, strings wear out which alters the sound. I inspect your piano for playability and tune it to A-440, which is the concert standard pitch. In some cases, I may need to bring your pitch up so that your strings and tuning pins are positioned correctly. This results in a finer tune.

Most manufacturers recommend that you tune your piano twice a year. I provide a tuning by ear for $90, and perform a pitch raise for $45.

Repairs & Replacements

Fix a broken sting or pedal with ease with my repair service. In addition to troubleshooting keys that stick, I replace worn key bushings. If your project requires a major repair, I work with other local technicians to ensure the best result for your instrument.

Tuning Piano - Piano Tuning


Remove rust, dust, and lubricate moving parts when you work with me for your cleaning. By working on the interior of your piano, I can closely inspect the condition of action parts, keys, and the key frame. This service is available for $45 per hour.


Restore your instrument to the best position with my regulation service. The more you play your piano, the more wear and tear affects the wood, felt, rubber, and buckskin. With this critical option, I adjust the action parts and pedals to put your piano in the best position to play. This service starts at $400, depending on the extent of your instrument's wear and tear.

Estimates and Appraisals 

For estimates, I inspect the piano’s structural and playable condition and give you a written opinion of needed repairs/replacements and a proposed cost for parts and labor.  Just an estimates alone is available for $45.  If you decide to accept the estimate, I fold the cost of the estimate into the work.

For appraisals, I inspect the piano to determine its value for tax or replacement purposes. I propose three numbers compared to a similar type and style of piano: 1) new replacement cost, 2) market value offered in local stores, 3) what you could expect if you sold it on your own.

Please note: Neither the age (over 100 years old) nor having ivory key tops increases the instrument’s value or necessarily makes it an “antique.”

Contact me to request a piano tuning or instrument repair and maintenance.