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Moving Parts

With as many as 35 parts working together to create sound in a grand piano, your instrument needs a lot of maintenance to sound its best. Once you push down on a key, these moving parts work in sequence to cause the hammer to strike the string. Upright pianos have as many as 25 parts.


When the parts of your piano collide, sounds happen. In an upright, these parts include the case, while a grand includes the outer rim, legs, lid, and the pedal box. The structure of your pianos is made up of key parts, including:

• Plate
• Strings
• Tuning Pins
• Bridges
• Soundboard
• Action Parts

• Damper System


Change the volume, color, and brilliance of the sound of your instrument by using fine needles on the hammer of the piano. Once this change is done, the hammer will make a different sound when it hits the string.

Humidity Control

If you are located in a high or low humidity setting, your piano may need an extra system to preserve its sound. I recommend you add a humidifier or dehumidifier system to work with your humidistat control.

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