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At Ragtime Piano Service, I perform a variety of maintenance jobs, including instrument repair. Piano service is more than just tuning, and I also work with you to repair, clean, and regulate your instrument.

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When you contact me for services, please let me know the kind of piano you have, as well as the date of its last tuning. Once I inspect your instrument, I provide you with an estimate for my services.

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Turn to an expert piano technician for all of your needs. At Ragtime Piano Service in Tacoma, Washington, I complete a number of jobs, including an instrument tuning and repair. Whether you are a casual player or a serious student, I am dedicated to bringing new life to your instrument so it will always sound its best. If you have had your piano serviced recently or if it has been years since its last tuning, I take care of any problems, including sticking keys and pedals. Any taxable items for estimates are done at the current state tax rate for your address.

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Contact me at to request a service for your piano or ask me a question.

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